Exploring Wanderlust

You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone!


Somehow confused by my first few days in Vietnam, but yet I managed to survive SE Asia and even came out the other end wanting more!

Famous lyrics that ring true to me right about now. When I was constantly on the go over from December to June, then I was somehow stressed out about moving around and not staying still for too long. Now that I’ve been in Perth for circa 7 weeks, I’ve noticed that my heart is heavy and that looking at the pics from my travels almost brings a tear to my eye. Those were some amazing adventures that I had and I kind of want to do it all again!

Writing this blog was kind of a way for me to have a diary of events and to be honest I never really thought I’d still be writing strong right now. I’m pretty proud of myself after my humble beginnings a few years ago with Scooting Berlin. That was really my first foray into the world of blogging and it was really just to collect some ramblings and show off some pictures. It was a good foundation for this blog though.

“You’ll never know until you go” would be a way of describing how I felt about quitting my job and flying halfway around the world. From the point where my girlfriend called me on Friday evening to say that she had been fired, to the recognition of the doors this could open, mere seconds passed but somehow I saw in my minds eye what lay ahead and knew instantly what had to be done. That was in the middle of October and days afterwards I’d broken the news to my boss. The feeling of having itchy feet, or a longing for something else deep inside had been smothered by everyday needs and responsibilities, but at last I could explore exactly what was going on inside me and feel free from any baggage binding me to any one spot.

Now writing this post here in Perth, those feelings of yearning for somewhere else are still evident. Some days less so, but nonetheless they are there. There is definitely something more to be explored out there and many more adventures to be had. Let’s see what the coming months have in store.

Now I really know what Wanderlust means.



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