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What I’ve noticed living in Australia – 10 things and counting


1. Everyone has a tendency to use the word c#% t way too much. However, you’ll find yourself joining in after a while! You’ll find yourself referring to everyone as mate as well and saying no worries 24/7.
2. Bus drivers are super friendly and almost always say hello and goodbye. They even wait if they see you running for the bus, contrary to bus drivers in Ireland/Germany.
3. Things are freeeking expensive here. Stop trying to calculate what that price is in Euro, cause it’ll make you cry!
4. The weather is cracking, even in the depths of winter. OK so this may just apply to Perth, but I’m gonna include it anyway.
5. There are Irish everywhere. You have more chance of running into you neighbours from back home out here than anywhere else. The Irish do tend to stick together, so once you meet one you’ll meet more.
6. People love to care for their gardens and green areas are everywhere. In general gardens are well maintained here and parks too. You won’t have to go far to find an acre of green to stretch your legs on.
7. Australian people love to use slang or shorten words to communicate. At first this can be a bit daunting even for native English speakers and I can’t even imagine what it’s like for foreigners. After a while you do tend to get used to it though.
8. Thanks to the great weather there is an abundance of things to do outside and lots of places to do those things. There are loads of clubs you can join including ruby, footie, soccer and tennis clubs. If you like surfing then you’ll be happy as Larry in Perth as you can surf all along the coast.
9. Burger King is called Hungry Jacks here. Along with KFC and McDonalds you’ll be spoilt for fast food choice.
10. People love to have a good old drinking session here on a Sunday. They really maximise the weekend and a few beers can quickly turn into a proper load of pints. Let’s just say Monday is not a productive day at the office in Australia!


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