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Thailand part II – Krabi and some well-needed beach time on Tonsai beach

After the amazing time in Taiwan on my own I was looking forward to seeing my girlfriend once again and getting some serious beach time in. Thailand is fairly famous for beaches and even the screen saver from my tablet is a picture of a boat on Railay beach!

Krabi town is a common starting point for a lot of people’s journeys here in the area so that’s where we decided to meet and spend a night as my flight was getting in too late to make it to any of the islands. I was pretty exhausted after another crazy flight schedule so it was basically an early night for me after a quick shower and a slight repacking of my bags.

An early start the next day and 2 separate boat rides eventually brought to Tonsai beach where we walked up a small way to get to our cheap and cheerful bungalow. The scenery is definitely breathtaking and you can understand why so many (99% German) people come here. Lots of the places here are famous after appearing in films like James Bond etc but it was possible to get away from the crowds and have your own little piece of paradise. On one of the days we rented kayaks for 500 Baht and toured around a bit and investigated some more hard to reach places. The extra effort is really worth it and the mix of white sandy beaches and turquoise water makes your jaw just drop!


Looks like a scene from James Bond or "the beach"



Our days here were super simple with a mix of early starts, sleepy afternoons, yummy food and chilled out evenings. It’s always soo nice when you can just kick back and not worry about the next few days. It also gives you time to reflect on things and I began to notice how time had flown by. Even just looking at some of the pictures from Vietnam made me really ask myself “how long ago was that?”. It seems like absolutely ages ago and yet it was less than 3 months ago! I started to think about life after travelling and what I would like to do. After being in Taiwan and enjoying it soo much I could really imagine moving there and living there for a year. It would be something completely different but I’d be soo up for it. Let’s see how that pans out.

After a few days of relaxation and recuperation it was time for the next leg of our journey; hello Koh Tao!


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