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My Travel-Playlist

Because I tend to travel about quite a bit, I found it really helpful to have some good tunes on my phone so the time passed a bit quicker. Even now just going to and from work, a nice tune can help the journey pass in an instant and those overnight bus journeys can be a pain without some music. Some of these songs I’ve listened so many times over the past months, I could sing them backwards – or hum in the case of the electronic stuff! I signed up to Spotify Premium so I could play these songs offline too, but YouTube is usually fine if you’re at a PC.

Travel Tunes

It’s a bit of a mix, but it’s just a sample so don’t worry :) I especially love the stuff from Kolsch for when I’m moving along and kind of staring out the window and watching the roadside slip past – give it a go! Just click on the picture and have a look at the playlist in Spotify, or here are some of the top tunes on YouTube:


Mi Mujer:



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