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My top 10: Asia

So it’s time for me to share my top ten experiences with you. I had some amazing adventures and I’ll get straight into sharing them with you:

10. Gili Air (Indonesia)


Loved spending ten days here. Was so relaxing and really cheap. The place is basically a paradise and you’ll be happy doing basically nothing at all. Great for snorkeling and sunbathing! Make sure and sample the food at night time along the eastern side of the island.



09. Vang Vieng (Laos)


What a days craic we had here. It was Australia day when we did the tubing so there was a great buzz from all the tourists doing it. We had a good few drinks and managed to tube the whole way down the river, even if it did take us 3 hours!!!! Make sure and get some food at the restaurants where you can watch non stop reruns of friends on TV :)


08. Phong Nha (Vietnam)


Some of the largest caves in the world can be found here and if you are into adventures you’ll be spoilt for choice. Get on a zip line and zip into the caves where you can have a mud bath.





07. Dalat (Vietnam)


This was my first adventure on the whole trip and it was one of the best. It was soo freaking cool to come down the waterfall on a rope and letting go near the bottom was a bit scary. Such a great team of guys running the show.




06. Borneo (Malaysia)


Not much of the rainforest is left, but there is a small part still surviving around the acres of palm oil tree plantations. You can see wild animals in their natural habitat and it is simply breathtaking. Go now before people tear everything down.



05. Exploring Flores (Indonesia)


Somewhere I will definitely return to. By far the highlight in Indonesia. Amazing people, few tourists, great diving and some serious volcanoes! Would go back in a heartbeat. Some of the best views on the entire trip.



04. Trekking in Sapa/Hsipaw (Vietnam/Myanmar)


A great bit of exercise and some stunning scenery. Our guides on both the trips really made the trekking fun. In Sapa it was pretty cold and in Hsipaw it was the opposite. Really nice to get to meet the proper locals and stay in their houses. .Check out my post about trekking in Sapa here or the post about Hsipaw here!


03. Bagan (Myanmar)


Just thinking about the first sunrise right now makes me want to go back. What a sight. I could imagine the hot air balloon rides are good, but just standing on those temples looking out was something to make your jaw drop. Absolutely gorgeous. Some amazingly friendly people here too.


02. Diving Koh Tao (Thailand)


It’s tough not to make it to number one here but Koh Tao was definitely a close second. We couldn’t bare to leave the place and ended up staying double what we had planned. The diving was incredible here and just doing the open water licence is an absolute must. Our instructor Antal was an absolute gentleman and soo cool. Wish I could have fitted him into my backpack!

01. Treetop explorer (Laos)


To be honest what more can I saw, just have a read of the blog post and pack your bags right now! Had the time of my life! This is something I would love to do again in the future so watch this space for part 2!!!





If that got you excited, then check out how these Irish guys ranked some of the places they visited in Asia / Australia: AUSTRALASIA TOP 10. These guys became pretty famous for Irish dancing their way around the world!



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