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If you like….

If you like food:

Hanoi street food to make your mouth water. Try “Bun Cha”, a superb mix of noodles, meat and salad. Good food can be found on almost every corner.

Penangs rich diversity offers you the chance to sample multiple dishes from multiple countries. Make sure and visit “little India”.

★Filled baguettes in LPB with the best combinations and fruity shakes to wash it all down. It’s cheap, wholesome and outright delicious.        

★Take a cooking class in Chang Mai and eat as you cook. The city might not wow you but the food will. You’ll develop a taste for spicy curries.

If you like trekking:

★Get up extra early to climb to the top of Mount Batu on Bali. Don’t forget your torch and jacket! Spectacular views can be had so it’s worth the effort.

Hsipaw offers you the chance to trek into tea plantations and visit local hilltop villages. Get a real look at how people live here and soak up the atmosphere. Go now before it becomes too toutisty.

Sapa is worth a visit at any time of year, but it obviously looks best when the rice is lush and green. Can be rather cold in winter! Try not to get stuck on a trek with loads of people, but shell out a little bit more for your own guide.

If you like water sports:

★Get your open water Padi on Koh Tao. With 65 diving schools you’ll be spoilt for choice. With great beaches and restaurants you might end up staying longer than planned.

★White water rafting on Bali is something you have to try if you’re in any way an adrenaline junkie. It’s two hours of solid fun, where you won’t mind getting wet.

Dalat is the place to go if you want to try out some canyoning. You’ll be absailing down a waterfall and jumping off cliffs plunging into the pools below. 

If you like meeting:

★Australians, then check out Bali. As it’s rather close to Oz the beaches are full of people from down under. G’day mate!

★Koreans can be found in large groups in Vang Vieng. Supposedly the place was used for filming a Korean TV show and therefore it may seem like you’re in Soeul.

★French people have a big connection to Vietnam and Laos in general so you can not only see the french influence with cafés and bakeries, but you’ll also meet a fair few French holidaymakers. Bon ap!
★The Germans may have adopted Mallorca as the 17th Bundesland, but Thailand is definitely the 18th. You’ll even see Thai people wearing Lederhosen. Das ist gut!

If you like beaches:
★It’s hard to look past the beaches in the Krabi province. Hit Railay or Tonsai to enjoy great views and crystal clear water. Speaking German is not a prerequisite.

Koh Tao offers multiple hidden little alcoves. Shark bay is not so secret but definitely spectacular. Grab a snorkel and swim with reef sharks.

If you like animals:

★If you in any way are fascinated by wildlife the you must visit Borneo, either in Malaysia or Indonesia. You’ll see animals that you won’t find anywhere else in the world and you’ll be able to get right up close to them.

If you like temples:

★Bagan will blow your mind. Imagine thousands of temples, both large and small scattered around in a fairly small area. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to get amazing views, but it’s also super cool to just rent an e-bike and go explore on your own.

★LPB is home to lots of monks and very many temples. You can spend days just going around and visiting the various temples in the area. It may be a bit overrun with tourists, but it’s still a superb spot to see some special bhuddist temples.

If you like yoga:

★Even if your a beginner or are a bit more advanced then you’ll be able to find the right course in Ubud on Bali. Made famous by the book and film “eat, pray, love” Ubud offers many different yoga studios and attracts visitors from all over the world. You might just end up staying longer than you had planned.

★Sign up for a yoga retreat on Koh Yanoi (near Krabi) and you’ll be doing your poses on the beach at sunrise.

★Relax by the river at Utopia in LPB and try some yoga too, with some spectacular views and a super atmosphere you’ll definitely come back for more. You can also enjoy the great food here.

*This page is a work in progress so I’ll keep adding to it!*



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