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Everybody loves lists; general observations in Vietnam

1. Be ready to bargin if there’s no price listed
2. Pagodas are everywhere
3. Rule for crossing the street; just keep walking
4. Street food is literally food made and served on the street
5. Pho is your friend. Noodle soup, basic and filling
6. Scooters and motorbikes rule the road. Few cars can be seen
7. Drivers beep their horn non-stop
8. Old men sleep and snore on their motorbikes during the day
9. Children almost always say “hello” when they see you
10. Female tourists think it’s OK to dress like crap. Baggy, colourful hippie trousers are not acceptable anywhere, just stop it.
11. Vietnamese people love to sit on their hunches
12. If the Vietnamese people can in any way speak English then they’ll somehow always be cheeky, but in a charming way
13. You can eat amazing food anywhere and all the time
14. People in Vietnam work for very little pay, even in good jobs
15. Motorways are not motorways, they also involve craters bigger than those on the moon
16. There is rubbish everywhere, which kind of ruins the countryside with plastic
17. Bus drivers can’t smile, seems not to be in their nature
18. Each region/city seems to belong to one nationality; Nha Trang=Russians, Hoi An=Australians, etc maybe this was just my interpretation
19. You will see an accident somewhere along the way, both big and small
20. ….Maybe if, like for example my friend Pauric you’ve been to Vietnam already you can add to the list in the comments-feel free to share your experiences. If you haven’t been to Vietnam, then pack your bags and make it your next destination!!!


Casual as you like


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