Exploring Wanderlust

An ode to Asia

The land of bamboo and backpacks, of bus rides and bargining
Of winding roads and car-sick locals
Friendly people and never ending smiles are common to all countries
The smell of sunscreen and mosquito repellent will never leave you

Where religion changes as well as the faces
Volcanoes and skyscrapers reaching to heaven
Muslims, Buddhist, Hindus and Catholics too

Palm oil plantations replacing people and wildlife
Destruction and deforestation and the plastic price of progress

Exchanging stories with road hardened foreigners
The constant search for wifi and the best street food
Mixing lonely planet, wikitravel and TripAdvisor
Or just following your nose

Fried rice or fried noodles?
Motorcycles packed with 3, 4 or even 5 people
And everyone is a tuk tuk or taxi driver

Sipping coconut water on a sandy beach
Cradling your hot tea atop an active volcano
Sweating with humidity or simply unwinding in a hot spring
Remember to enjoy the moment and the view


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