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About the blog

1. What is this blog all about?

It’s about that sensation that won’t go away, that voice in your head telling you to explore the world and not just get stuck in one place. I suddenly decided to pack up my job and then pack my bags and book a flight to Vietnam. In the space of 2 months my whole life has changed its course and now I’m about to see where the road takes me.

You can follow my travels and discoveries right here. I’ll be writing in English, and hopefully posting some cool photos too. I’d really like to turn this blog into a place where people can get inspired to follow in my footsteps and begin exploring that inner yearning to travel and broaden horizons. Hopefully I’ll be able to post a few tips as to how you can go about getting started and some of the equipment you’ll need on the journey.

Lets see how long I can keep this blog going – starting in December 2014!

2. Who is behind the blog?

I’m Donal  |  Irish  |  Just turned 30  |  Lived in Germany for almost 10 Years

Sunny days in Spain

Sunny days in Spain

I really enjoy travelling, but noticed recently that working and having only 24 days holidays was just not enough to really see the world. I’ve been to a few countries over the years including Japan, Spain, France, Italy and some more major European countries, but never for more than a few weeks. Now is definitely the time to change that! Lets see how far I get!



3. Where am I going?

south east asia

My journey begins in Vietnam and my aim is to see as much as possible on a budget. Most people have already been to Vietnam, so it will probably be quite touristy. My general plan is to travel up to northern Vietnam, then pop into Laos, then Thailand and hopefully Myanmar. After that a return to Thailand is on the cards to assess the situation and check the finances. If funds still look good then I’ll be off to Cambodia and then hopefully on to Australia! Lets see how the trip works out in reality!

4. What am I taking with me?

One rucksack, one backpack and one girlfriend 😉
Check out my full packlist to see what I’m dragging around with me.

5. What countries have I been to?
1. Vietnam
2. Laos
3. Thailand
4. Myanmar/Burma
5. Taiwan
6. Malaysia
7. Indonesia
8. Australia


One thought on “About the blog

  1. Pauline

    I am so impressed by your blog. (I am nearly 60 and REALLY wish I had kept better records of my travels.) I especially love your interest in local people. Thanks for sharing.


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