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6 ways to help your child deal with peer pressure

Giving in to peer pressure can have negative consequences, both in the short term and long term. It may result in compromising our personal values and goals, leading to dissatisfaction and regret. Moreover, succumbing to peer pressure can contribute to a lack of authenticity in our relationships and hinder personal growth and self-discovery. One of the defining characteristics of adolescence is the way social relationships become front and center in a teen’s life. While staying connected to the family was of great importance throughout childhood, now teen’s are slowly pulling away from the family unit.

Setting achievable goals requires individuals to consider their own values, strengths, and desires. By aligning goals with personal aspirations, individuals can resist the influence of peer pressure and work towards what truly matters to them. Professional support offers individuals an opportunity to explore their experiences, emotions, and challenges related to peer pressure in a safe and confidential environment. Assertiveness is the ability to express our thoughts, feelings, and needs in a respectful and confident manner. It allows us to set and maintain personal boundaries without feeling guilty or anxious. Parents can so easily place their own expectations upon a teen who is in the process of discovering what they want to do with their life.

Blame Parents

Saying “no” can be hard, but it’s necessary to set healthy boundaries in relationships. If someone persistently pressures you to do something, you can try telling them how it affects you. You deserve to surround yourself with supportive people who respect your decisions—not people who pressure you into doing something https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/dealing-with-peer-pressure/ that doesn’t feel right. It is the type of pressure or influence from your peers that makes you act in a certain way against your will or differently than you usually would. The decisions that you might end up taking can certainly affect your future so this topic should definitely not be taken lightly.

how to deal with peer pressure

When a teachable moment presents itself, ask how your teen would have responded to a similar situation. Or as you’re riding together in a car you may be exposed to real life situations on the streets around you. Comment on what you notice and ask your teen to consider how the kids you pass should handle a given situation. These strategies allow teens to develop skills without forcing them to focus on themselves. Moreover, it’s important to note that some drugs are extremely potent and toxic.

Six ways to manage loneliness and feelings of isolation

When you have a strong support system, you’ll be more motivated to succeed and make healthy choices. The best way to handle a peer pressure bully is to nab him (or her) when the two of you are alone and explain how you’re feeling and ask him/her to get off your case. If you know there’s going to be alcohol or drugs at a party, make other plans. Or, if you’re going out with a guy, avoid being alone with him… anywhere he might pressure you to get more physical than you want to be.

  • As they make decisions themselves, they’ll feel good about the choices they make and may be more likely to choose to do the right thing.
  • Self-worth empowers us to prioritize our needs and make choices that are true to who we are.
  • Coming from different cultural backgrounds, the friend circle of today’s kid is comprised of children with distinctive preferences in…
  • Kelly really doesn’t want to miss her class, but her friends pressure her to join them.
  • They can be there to give advice or just support the decisions you’ve made that you feel are right for you.

If teens know how to speak clearly, assertively, and firmly, they might find their peers responding appropriately to their “No’s”. When you’re faced with a choice, ask yourself what your reasons are for doing something. If it’s because all of your friends are doing it and you’re afraid they won’t talk to you if you don’t join them, then you may want to reconsider. Your life counts, and you can make a difference in this world. If you ever need to talk about this or anything else, feel free to get in touch with us.

Avoid Peer Pressure by Learning Effective Exit Strategies

One-time use of such drugs may cascade into addiction more quickly. This is applicable, especially when learning how to deal with peer pressure. Dangerous substances can wreak havoc on mental health and wellness. It’s imperative that a person intervenes when drugs become problematic.

how to deal with peer pressure

Peer pressure can range from subtle to overt, which means that some forms of peer pressure can be easier to spot than others. Being able to identify signs that your child is dealing with peer pressure may help you start a supportive conversation. The studies used for this systematic review primarily captivated the negative aspects of alcohol use and sought to either diminish or inhibit adolescent alcohol use.

You might find that you spend less time with the negative peers and more with those who are a more positive part of your life. Peer pressure is not just a phenomenon confined to the teenage years. It continues to exert its influence well into adulthood, albeit in different forms.

If they know a corner can be dangerous, walk around the block in the other direction. Friends and peers can have positive and negative influence on children. Parents can influence the odds that teens are surrounded by positive peer groups by encouraging participation in a variety of healthy activities. Your friends can also influence you in good ways, so it’s essential to surround yourself with people who support your goals and encourage you to make healthy decisions.

Dealing With Peer Pressure

If something doesn’t feel right, it probably really isn’t! You have to be sure that your gut feeling will never lie to you! Let’s say your friends are okay with it and are encouraging you to do it; if you feel like it’s not right, odds are it really isn’t. All in all, you can’t get rid of peer pressure; it will always be there. However, by using the tips above, you will be able to avoid it as much as possible! Make sure to also read our article about networking to strengthen your communication skills which will help build your self confidence.

As parents, we raise our children and provide them with guidance and support. However, as they get older, they depend less on us for reassurance and look to their friends for approval. From clothing choices, music, interests, and even speech patterns, teens are influenced by their peers. Also known as peer pressure, it is not uncommon for teens to participate in activities to feel like they belong. However, when teens participate in drug or alcohol abuse, sexual activity, bullying, or stealing, this is considered negative peer pressure.

Join me as we explore some of the ways to deal with peer pressure.

On the other hand, negative peer pressure can lead to habits that are both cyclical and damaging. Alcohol and drugs, for example, are usually used in group settings. In social settings, adults can turn to nonalcoholic drinks as an alternative. For example, mixing water and juice in a small glass could give the impression of a mixed alcoholic drink.

What are 3 positive examples of peer pressure?

  • Forming a study group. Your child and their friends talk about their biology class pretty regularly.
  • Putting a stop to gossiping. You're driving your child and their friend to another friend's house when you hear something concerning.
  • Trying new things.
  • In adults.

Preferring friends of the same age group for any kind of solutions, suggestions, and advice, the current generation is finding more comfort in peers rather than family members. Coming from different cultural backgrounds, the friend circle of today’s kid is comprised of children with distinctive preferences in… Direct negative peer pressure is your friends directly asking you to do something, just like in Kelly’s situation! It’s a powerful form of peer pressure because it’s hard to resist.


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